Monday 10 October 2016

A Mrs Makeover

Big life events can be the perfect opportunity to give yourself a makeover, an excuse to buy some new clothes or a great time to reinvent yourself.  There's something about a change that inspires me to start afresh - every new job and every relocation has always left me feeling ready for a change.

So you can only imagine how it feels to be a Mrs!

Easily my biggest life change so far, looking at my own name and not recognising it is the oddest feeling and I'm almost left wondering, who is this strange new person? She sounds like me, she thinks like me but who exactly is Chloe McGuirk?

House of Fraser Biba Dress

Reinventing myself as a Mrs is an exciting time and I knew that as soon as the wedding was over I'd be wanting to give myself a Mrs Makeover and so have spent quite a bit of time pondering.

Who is Mrs McGuirk?

Firstly I decided that Mrs McGuirk quite fancies shorter hair. I've had my hair long for a pretty long time now and most of the time it's a big straggly mess. I've been wanting to chop it for a while and needing to keep it long for the wedding made me want a shorter style even more.  So the day after we returned from our Minimoon I was straight into Newcastle to get it cut.

House of Fraser Dress

What do you think? Not a huge change, but I think I almost look mature enough to be a Mrs now!

One thing that definitely needs a change is my wardrobe but unfortunately I don't have the pennies to be doing this overnight.  It'll be a gradual process but I've decided that now I'm a Mrs I'm going to take a bit more care over my appearance.  Whilst I make effort at the weekends during the week you'll quite often catch me slobbing around in badly fitting trousers with scruffy trainers.  As part of my Mrs makeover I want to start collecting together some nice fitting clothes that flatter me and make me feel good every time I wear them.

House of Fraser Dress

House of Fraser have a beautiful selection of dresses and kindly sent me over this beautiful Biba frill sleeve keyhole dress to style and it is a great start to my Mrs makeover. The berry shade is perfect for the season and it's a great piece that will carry me effortlessly from day time office to blog events in the evening. It's oversized so hides even the most stubborn blogger burger baby yet still looks very stylish with no effort required.

The beauty of this dress has made me realise that it may be time to start investing a bit more money into my wardrobe. I've made a great start with the bag that my husband bought me as a wedding gift. This gorgeous Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise is the perfect every day bag and I'm in love. Knowing how much I love Autumn he thoughtfully picked it in the gorgeous mahogany colour and it's my Mrs bag for the changing season.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise

 As a Mrs I also want to start looking after myself a bit better. This Summer I found myself falling in love with running and now that I've met a great bunch of ladies to train with I'm really enjoying heading out for runs with new friends. It may be too early for me to announce this but I think Mrs McGuirk might quite fancy doing the Great North Run next year!

The final part of my Mrs makeover is to gain a little more confidence in the kitchen. When it comes to cooking I'm a bit of a quitter, as soon as something goes wrong I lose interest and give up. Simon and I are both keen to start putting in more effort to eat food that we've made completely from scratch and it really is about time we dusted off those cook books!

Have you ever had a dramatic makeover? Let me know how you got on!

Thank you to House of Fraser for sending me such a beautiful dress and giving me the inspiration  to write this post.
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