Wednesday 19 October 2016

How I'm going to beat the Winter Blues

Every year, just after Christmas, I get a full dose of the Winter Blues. I hate the long months of miserable mornings, dark nights and no money and every year I struggle to see the bright side of life until Spring arrives.

This year I have made the decision to come up with a plan to beat the Winter Blues before it even arrives, starting right now!

Make plans for January

January probably seems like a way off at the moment but it'll be here before we know it and I know that I'll probably find myself in a post Christmas slump feeling pretty tired and sorry for myself. I've decided to save a little bit of money each pay day between now and then so that my diary doesn't look too empty in the new year.  A restaurant we've always wanted to try, a day trip to somewhere we haven't been for ages or hitting the sales - I'm making plans!

Maintain an exercise routine

It is so easy to lose all motivation to exercise during the Winter months but come January you'll be feeling much better about life if you've kept up a good exercise routine. If, like me, the thought of slogging it out in a gym fills you with dread find yourself something you love to do. Join your local beginners running group, convince a friend to try a new exercise class with you or start your own walking club with your other half.  I promise it'll make you feel better.

Make your holiday dreams a reality

Planning or booking a holiday is one of the very best ways to get over the Winter blues.  Looking at beautiful pictures of sunny destinations, planning your holiday wardrobe and researching the best places to go is sure to put a smile on your face. Take a look at your holiday bucket list and start ticking things off your dream destination list. Holiday planning starts right here and the Winter blues don't have a chance!

Build an adult den

Yes I'm a big kid but I'm sure if you build an adult den to hide in for the afternoon you'll never feel so happy.  I loved grabbing all the sheets off the bed and building huge tents using the chairs in the living room.  Take a bottle of wine in with you and get ready for an afternoon of watching Netflix in your cosy cocoon.

Have a good clear out

I find having a good clear out and tidy so therapeutic. A few years ago Simon and I sorted out our entire house on New Years Day and the feeling of happiness I had after was amazing. I swear we've never felt so ready for a new start.  Our house is beginning to look like a tip and I can't wait to get going with a good Winter tidy.

Wrap up warm and head to the coast

Blowing away the cobwebs at the coast is one of my favourite things to do in the Winter. Yes it'll be freezing but put on your snuggliest coast, dig out your hat and scarf and go for a brisk walk along the seafront. Beaches tend to be pretty deserted in the Winter months and are a great place to get some peace and quiet, enjoy beautiful views and add the colour back to your cheeks.

Home movie night

Recreate the cinema and host a movie night at your house. Check out this amazing movie night, a perfect evening in with the girls complete with a "Pimp your Prosecco" bar and snuggly cushions to curl up in. The perfect cure for the Winter Blues.

Cosy reading corner

I don't know about you but I really don't read as many books as I should and every year when January rolls round and I start making resolutions it's a pretty safe bet that "read more books" will feature on my list. I want to get a head start this time by creating a cosy reading corner in our living room.  Cover your favourite chair in cushions and blankets, light up some candles and start making your way through your "must read" pile.

Early nights and early mornings

Sorry to be a bit Grandma about this, but early nights and early mornings really do wonders for my mood. Not wanting to get out of bed because I haven't had enough sleep makes me feel so tired and grumpy and it's inevitable that the Winter blues aren't far behind. When the days get darker nothing beats an early night in fresh sheets -I guarantee you'll wake up feeling so much better about life.

What are your favourite ways to beat the Winter blues?
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