Wednesday 12 October 2016

Lunch at Vallum Farm

On the drive back from our Minimoon in the Lake District I was determined to be in a bit of a grump. Staring out of the window at the passing scenery, I admit a few tears fell as our car zoomed down the roads bringing us ever closer to reality.  Nothing could really have prepared me for how sad I'd feel once our wedding and minimoon was over. I definitely had the Post Wedding Blues!

Desperate to pull me out of my grump Simon scored some serious husband points by suggesting that we stop off somewhere fun for a spot of lunch on our way back to Newcastle.  He definitely knows that feeding me delicious food is the best way to get a smile back on to my face.  A quick scan of my North East foodie wish list and I realised that we were only a few miles from Vallum Farm, somewhere that I've been wanting to visit for a long time.

Vallum Farm, described as the "foodie gateway to Hadrian's Wall", sits in acres of beautiful countryside close to Hadrian's Wall yet is only a few miles from Newcastle. With a takeout patisserie and deli, tea room, restaurant and gorgeous wedding space it wasn't long before a smile was back on my face and I was eager to explore.

Before settling down for some food I couldn't help but go for a little nose round and soon stumbled across a lovely fella cutting the grass who let me peep through the windows into the stunning wedding venue (I know I've only just got married but I think I will always be obsessed with beautiful North East wedding venues) and also for a little look at the gorgeous glamping site which is now firmly on my bucket list.

After all that wandering about I was more than ready for some lunch so Simon and I headed for the tea room which was so warm and inviting. We just about managed to resist the counter of tempting cakes and instead turned our attention to the lunch menu.

The food at Vallum is home-produced and is so delicious that it's no surprise they are the proud owners of several Great Taste Awards including Best Sunday Lunch in Northumberland and Best Farmhouse Breakfast in the North East (there's two reasons for us to return!)

Now that we are approaching the colder months I am all about the warm comfort foods and as soon as I discovered that the soup that day was tomato I ordered it.  The waitress asked if I wanted it with bread or with a cheese scone and of course, being a little greedy, I had to choose the scone.

I slathered it in butter (standard) and had wolfed it down before my soup had even arrived. It was far too tempting to leave waiting.

The soup at Vallum is made using seasonal veg grown in the Vallum Kitchen Garden and it was heaven. Fresh, thick and very filling it warmed me from my belly down to my toes.

Simon decided to order the Welsh Rarebit and the sight of all that cheese did give me a touch of food envy. Don't you worry though I managed to snatch myself a sneaky forkful and wow was it good.  Think I'll be ordering it on our next visit (and believe me there will be another as I also need some cake!)

Our lunch was beautiful and exactly what I needed to welcome me back to reality and put a smile on my face. Who can feel fed up when they are surrounded by beautiful North East countryside and delicious food? We loved our first experience at Vallum and I can't wait to return and try some of their award winning food.


  1. Ah I am wel jel of Simon's lunch - Welsh Rarebit is my absolute favourite dish! Also - that scone looks epic.

  2. That all sounds super yummy. Hope you are coming out of your post wedding blues now.

  3. We looked at Vallum Farm for our wedding, but it was before the venue was all finalised! The food was delicious when we had cakes as well. Nice spot!
    JH |


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