Monday 31 October 2016

October Days

October has been a funny old month and, if I'm being completely honest, I'm glad to see the back of it. Having recovered from my post wedding blues I then suffered an Achilles injury which has meant no running, caught a nasty sick bug and had an embarrassing night out which made me realise that I'm not mature enough to be a married lady (the less said about that night the better!)

Here's what happened in October that didn't make the blog.

Picture Perfect Tyne

I have taken a lot of photographs of the Tyne over the years but this one is by far my favourite. I took an early morning walk along the Newcastle Quayside and it was stunning. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the reflection of the Bridges and the Baltic in the Tyne took my breath away. I just love those moments in life when you see something so beautiful it makes you stop for a second and appreciate how great life is. I couldn't resist capturing the moment.

Weekend Bag

I have a whole cupboard full of suitcases and overnight bags, I certainly don't need any more. But when I spotted this beauty in Primark I just couldn't resist. I think it looks so much more expensive than its £15 price tag and even Simon was pretty smitten as a few days later we bought him the guy's version. It's a great size and you can stuff more than enough luggage in for a weekend away. I took it along on our luxury Minimoon and I don't think anyone would have ever guessed it came from Primark.

Trafford Centre Loving

This month Simon and I went to the Play Expo gaming convention in Manchester and I was so happy when I realised that the Trafford Centre was just across the road. We managed to pop in for a few hours during the afternoon. I'd never been before and if it's possible to fall in love with a shopping centre, I fell pretty damn hard!  Gorgeous pink columns with gold features and massive fountains - the place is a dream. I spent most of the trip running round Selfridges lusting after all of the handbags. I've made Simon promise to take me for a proper shopping trip there soon.

Forever Memories 

Whilst we're waiting for our official wedding photos to return, I just can't resist sharing a few sneaky things on my Instagram. When we were organising our wedding we were keen to have some really personal touches that we could have as keepsakes after the day. Instead of favours we opted to have a Caricaturist and I love this drawing he did of us, a forever memory of our wedding day we framed it immediately and it's now proudly on display in our lounge.

 We decided that we wanted something pretty special on the top of our wedding cake so got ourselves a bespoke mini Simon and Chloe topper from Cake Toppers . I was so worried that it'd get smashed on the day so we made sure everyone knew to take great care of it and now we have it to keep forever. If you're looking for a personalised cake topper for a celebration I really can't recommend these guys enough. The detail of my dress is spot on and I can't believe how cute mini Simon is!

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  1. Ahh that photo at the top is incredible!! Alice xxx

    1. Thank you! Goes to show you don't need a fancy camera to take amazing photos, I literally snapped that on my iphone as I was strolling past the river :)

  2. The Quayside looks so calm, I love it when the waters still and the reflections are perfect. I enjoyed walking along the Quayside every morning when I used to work at Sage Gateshead x

    1. I could spend hours and hours sitting down there on a sunny day - love it!

  3. I've been meaning to drop a comment on your blog for ages to tell you that you're one of my fave bloggers, Chloe! As you know, I've been reading your blog for years but i've been missing living in Newcastle a lot lately and your blog reminds me of how amazing the city is. I still visit quite often (that pic of my parents in Toys R Us is the branch in Gateshead!), but it's not the same as being a resident in good old Toon! You're my go-to for recommendations. Been loving your Snapchat stories too - wish i could be as chatty on there but I'm too scared! xxx

    1. Awww thank you Sarah, that is so kind :) You probably bumped into Simon when you were in Toys R Us - he's forever in there buying lego .. HA!

      I'm hoping to start posting far more adventure stories on here soon, now we have a car we can get out and about a bit more - I'm sure people think that all I do at the moment is eat too much food!


  4. You've captured the river so perfectly.

  5. I really need a good overnight bag! I'm always struggling with either tote bags or giant cases. I will go ahunting in Primark!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. Great round up Chloe your photos are fabulous!! cat x


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